LIPP School is a private immersion preschool with two Houston campuses, one nestled in the Galleria area and the second in the heart of Upper Kirby.


Our core curriculum program serves children ages 18 months to 5 yrs of age, immersing them in either Spanish, French or Mandarin.  We offer extracurricular programs for ages 6 months through 8 years of age in Spanish, French, Mandarin and Arabic.

Our vision at language immersion private preschool is to create lifelong multilingual Spanish, French and Mandarin speakers through a nurturing environment and solid academics.

It is a known fact that the formative years of a child are vital for development. Our goal is to capitalize on these highly formative years when neuroplasticity is in its prime, and immerse children in a learning environment customized to create truly multilingual individuals. Our vision is to take guide each child to his or her full potential.

LIPP focuses on the student’s natural ability to acquire a second, third or even fourth language. This is done through conversation, interactive classes, songs, dance, movement, creative play, hands-on activities, puppet shows, storytelling, and games. All instruction is imparted in ways children can understand and grasp intuitively. Our native Spanish, French and Mandarin-speaking teachers help each student to acquire the particular intonation and sounds needed to converse fluently in a fluid and natural way.