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Five benefits of learning a foreign language

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Private Preschool, we’re passionate about your child learning French, Spanish, Mandarin or Arabic in a fun and engaging environment. As your child learns a language-immersive curriculum, he or she is exposed to a new way of thinking, a broader perspective, and better learning skills.

Improving Academic Performance

Learning a foreign language early on is a great way to help your child perform well in school. Being bilingual boosts performance in math, reading, and social studies. Contrary to popular belief, your child will also be more proficient in understanding and speaking the English language or their native tongue as well. And as your child grows, being bilingual will help him or her to score better on standardized tests. Here at Language Immersion Private Preschool, we offer classes as early as 18 months, so as your child grows and learns, he or she will be able to optimally perform later on in school.

Cognitive Benefits

Starting language immersion for your child as early as possible helps to shape your child’s brain and widen his or her horizon. Language is more cognitive than linguistic, and so the benefits will help your child to work on his or her memory abilities, problem solving skills, and reading understanding. As your child’s cognition increases, this can help him or her later in life to be accepted into a better college or excel at a job. Language Immersion Private Preschool is passionate about your child’s education and our educators take pride in our French and Spanish immersion curriculum.

Cultural Benefits

Learning a foreign language will open your child’s mind to new perspectives that might otherwise never be experienced. Your child will learn empathy, a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world and its inhabitants, and open his or her eyes to other cultures. At Language Immersion Private Preschool, we want to help your child to appreciate the world around him or her, and and help him or her to reach the greatest potential possible.

Future Job Opportunities

Globalization is making our world even smaller, and being bilingual can help your child to land a great job in the future. More and more employers are looking for individuals who are bilingual, and your child will be able to choose between more jobs and opportunities. We can help give your child the language education needed to give him or her a higher chance at being competitive in the work force later on in life.

Bringing Your Family Together

Language immersion can help create memories and facilitate family bonding. To better understand what your child is learning while in the the classroom, you may begin picking up on Spanish or French words to communicate with him or her. Your child can teach siblings new words while on the way home from school or around the dinner table. Engaging the entire family in learning something new can help push your child further in his or her goals, and also help him or her to retain new words while outside of the classroom.


We love teaching children the gift of language here at Language Immersion Private Preschool. When you enroll your child, you can be assured that you’re giving him or her the immeasurable opportunity to be exposed to a completely new world and to have an expanded perspective on the world. We offer language immersion for children from 18 months to five years old and offer French and Spanish immersion classes. Enroll your child today and give them the tools to excel and experience the world in a whole new light.

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