Are you interested in placing your child in a French immersion classroom, but wondering about the incredible benefits of your child learning French? Then read on! Language Immersion Private Preschool is dedicated to helping your child learn a second language in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Call us today for any questions you may have or if you’re interested in enrolling your son or daughter in our language immersion program!

Opens New and Exciting Doors

With a beautiful language like French, your child will be able to travel to many different countries and experience other cultures to their full extent with no language barrier. With French being the official language of or regularly used in countries such as Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Algeria, Canada, Madagascar, Morocco, Tunisia, and Martinique, your son or daughter will be able to travel with confidence and understand the native people’s language. He or she will also be able to travel for a job or help to translate foreign business associate’s correspondence, which will be invaluable for both your kiddo and those around him or her.

It’s Easier to Learn Another Language

Learning a Romance language is also a great way to make comprehending a second language easier and quicker. The Romance languages, which include French, Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese, Romanian, and Catalan, all have Latin roots, which means that once your child learns one Romance language, catching onto another one will be even easier. If your son or daughter is especially adept, he or she could become a polyglot, or speaker of many languages, which could prove to be a huge benefit as he or she grows.

It Will Improve Their English

Yes, you read that right! Learning French will actually improve your child’s English comprehension and speaking. As mentioned above, English and French are both Romance languages, so as your child begins to learn French, he or she will also understand the roots of his or her native tongue better as well. This will be proven by literacy tests and also by better understanding of reading.

It Will Boost Their Self-Esteem

As your kiddo grows, your son or daughter will feel the benefits of his or her language knowledge and will have increased confidence. You may see this through his or her academic abilities, interest in traveling at an early age, and tenacity in applying for a dream job requiring fluency in a second language. Giving your child the gift of confidence can be priceless as your son or daughter grows and matures.

Language Immersion Private Preschool is proud to offer language immersion classes in both French and Spanish for infants to kindergarten-age children. With only native-speaking teachers instructing, you can be sure that your child is receiving the absolute best language training. Located in Houston, Texas, LIPP is an excellent choice for language immersion! Call today!