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Four reasons to attend language immersion school

We know that finding the right preschool for your child is a challenge. As a parent, you’re looking at the curriculum, the calibre of teachers, the amount of care the staff shows to each student, and the convenience of the location. While these things are all important aspects of your child’s education, we know that language immersion school will set your student up for more success than any other private preschool. 

Makes Foreign Languages Easy-to-Learn

Children have amazingly adaptable minds and are often better equipped to learn a foreign language at a very early age. If you remember struggling through your high school Spanish course, memorizing vocabulary and conjugations, have no fear! At early ages, children are able to quickly associate foreign words with the actual object, much in the way you learned English. Their foreign language becomes second-nature to them, and they’ll be able to retain more of the language as they grow up. An immersion program is designed to teach your children a foreign language through regular exposure without lists of boring vocabulary. They’ll learn your chosen language naturally.

Exposure to Other Cultures

Our French immersion program teaches your child a foreign language through regular academic instruction, but it also helps increase awareness of other cultures around the world. As part of their instruction, they’ll learn about the French culture and see how life is for people in different French-speaking countries across the world. Rather than exposing your child solely to the limited cultural diversity in Houston, our teachers will work to foster an appreciation of cultural differences so your child can more easily become a globally-aware individual. While this may seem like a lofty goal for a preschooler, it sets them up to become well-rounded students when they do enter a regular single-language elementary school.

We’ll Prepare Your Child for Elementary School

At LIPP, your child will receive the highest quality preschool education so they’ll be ready to handle everything elementary school can throw their way. Prior to transitioning to an elementary school, your child will start receiving instruction in English for part of the day. This will help them become used to hearing their native language during the school day without sacrificing their bilingual abilities. Once your child makes the transition, they’ll have a solid academic foundation in both languages and the confidence that only comes from knowing more than one language.

Our Teachers Care

While your child will have a daily routine at our private preschool, they’ll also receive one-on-one attention from their teachers. We firmly believe that a good teacher is one who should have complete control over their classroom. They have the freedom to spend more time on lessons where students are struggling and are not forced to move at a pace that does not suit the needs of their students. Since our class sizes are small, the teachers get to know each student well and can better identify the needs of each child. Should your child struggle with a lesson, you can be confident that they’ll receive the help they need.

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