Teaching your child a foreign language is an incredible way to open up a new world and give him or her an amazing way to communicate with others. Our language immersion program is dedicated to providing your child with the best language teaching and immersion possible. Located in the Galleria area of Houston, Texas, when you enroll your child in Language Immersion Private Preschool, you can assured that your son or daughter will be receiving excellent language training and teaching. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of learning Spanish in a language-immersive atmosphere.

benefitsspanish_blog_innerimageCommunicate with More People

Second only to Chinese, Spanish is spoken by over 400 million individuals across the world. More people speak Spanish than English and it has infiltrated many different countries. If your child is fluent in both English and Spanish, then you will give him or her double the chance of being able to communicate effectively throughout his or her life.

Learn Quickly in School

Spanish is the most commonly taught language in grade school and high school. This language is also an SAT test subject and offered often as an AP class, so starting your child early in a language immersion atmosphere will be hugely advantageous to his or her academic development. Being fluent in Spanish at an early age can help your child ace his or her language classes later on in life.    

Comprehend English and Other Languages Better

Many languages, such as French and Italian, have roots in Latin and have contributed to the evolution of the English language. When your child becomes fluent in another language, he or she is able to understand other languages better and see the similarities they share. Along with knowing a second language, it actually becomes easier to learn a third or fourth language, especially a Romance language. Once your child can speak and understand Spanish, he or she could easily pick up French or Italian because of the similarities due to the Latin root.

Broaden Cultural Perspectives

At Language Immersion Private Preschool, we don’t simply put your child in a classroom where only French or Spanish is spoken. We want to teach our students as much as possible about the culture, customs, and history of the language that they’re learning. This helps our students to be tolerant and accepting of other cultures that surround them and to be respectful of customs that aren’t their own. In our Spanish class, our native Spanish speakers will teach your child Hispanic traditions and folklore along with instructing them in speaking the Spanish language.

Expand Travel Options

Knowing a second language can give your child increased opportunity for travel. Spanish is the official language of over 20 different countries across the world, and your son or daughter will be able to experience many amazing and wonderful cultures and destinations being fluent in Spanish. He or she will also have the confidence of being able to understand directions, street signs, menus, and native people, and bypass tourist traps and areas to truly experience the local culture.

Increased Job Opportunities

More and more companies are requiring their employees to be bilingual. Spanish is very important as it is the second most spoken language across the world. Give your child the gift of becoming bilingual by enrolling him or her in our Spanish language immersion school here in Houston. As your child continues into adulthood, he or she will be able to apply for a larger pool of jobs and enjoy more opportunities throughout his or her adult life.

Improve Attention Span

Learning a foreign language at an early age will help your child’s brain to better process and focus on learning and schoolwork. Bilingual individuals have been proven to have better executive functioning skills, meaning that they are able to stay mentally and physically organized. This will benefit your son or daughter throughout their life in school, life, and work.

Reduce the Chance of Alzheimer’s

While this may seem like a difficult thought to consider, knowing a foreign language will actually reduce the chance of your child developing memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease. Being bilingual actually strengthens and grows certain parts of the brain. This has been proven to lessen the chance of late-life memory loss developing. Enroll your child in our Spanish immersion classes today and give him or her the opportunity to strengthen his or her brain and learn an invaluable language.

Volunteer Opportunities

Knowing Spanish will help your child be able to volunteer his or her time and give back to the community. Many schools or non-profits need translators and Spanish speakers to help in their programs. Even after your son or daughter is in grade or high school, he or she will be able to help students who may not know English well and be a helper in the classroom or playground. Knowing Spanish will also aid your child in volunteer efforts after he or she becomes an adult and the knowledge will serve him or her throughout life.

At Language Immersion Private Preschool, we’re passionate about teaching your child to learn and understand a foreign language. Our Spanish program is designed to be fun, exciting, and easy to follow, and your son or daughter will be able to easily pick up on the language. We offer classes ranging from 18 months to five years old, and are proud to employ native speakers as teachers and instructors. Interested in enrolling your child? Call Language Immersion Private Preschool today!