At the Language Immersion Private Preschool, we encourage creative learning in an immersive foreign language environment. Our students receive instruction in either French or Spanish throughout the day and gain exposure to different cultures while adding to their academic strengths. While our teachers are able to spend time helping children individually and are free to structure the class to suit the needs of their students, each class typically follows a set routine. Establishing a routine, even for young children, can help them in all aspects of their lives.


Routines Improve Understanding of Time Management

During class, activities are planned for a set duration of time and if they’re not completed, the student must wait until the following day to continue working on it. While this may seem like a difficult concept for a young child to grasp, most students quickly learn the basics of time management. Time management carries over into their home lives as they begin to understand the importance of having things done by a specific time. While it might not make an early bedtime any more fun for them, you might just find that they start wrapping up their games just before bed.

Routines Increase Safety Awareness

Routines also work to improve your child’s safety both at home and at school. When you think of a routine, you may only consider things like eating dinner every night at 6 p.m. or having your child put all the toys away before their favorite TV show at 4 p.m., but routines are everywhere. Consider how you’ve taught your child to wash their hands before they eat or after they use the restroom. These little actions are actually routines that you’ve encouraged your child to adopt. Routines are like rules and give the framework for your child’s attention to personal safety.


Routines Help Children Create Good Habits

As your child grows older, they’ll be expected to follow good hygiene habits on their own. This includes brushing teeth regularly, brushing their hair, and even cleaning their room. While at LIPP, our teachers will encourage your child to create good habits by having them help clean up the classroom at the end of each day. At home, the same routine can be applied. At the end of their playtime session, have them put their toys up on their own, or establish a rule that their toys must be put away before they head to bed. Creating these small routines and encouraging your child to follow them on a daily basis gives them a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

Flexibility is Important, Too

While solid routines help guide your child’s behavior and interactions with others, it’s important to be flexible as well. Sometimes, events happen that are out of their control and these events can make getting the routine done the normal way by the expected time difficult. For example, the lid of a glue bottle may not always be on as securely as your child thinks, and when they go to use it, the glue spills all over their paper, making cleanup more difficult. It’s okay! Life happens and unexpected occurrences do not always have to be cause for alarm. Be flexible and show your child that it’s okay to take a little more time every now and again. When they see you respond in a relaxed manner, they’ll be less likely to view a change in their routine as an utter disaster.
At our private preschool in Houston, we strive to create a structured environment that fosters learning, innovation, and creativity for all of our students. Contact us today to see how our language immersion preschool can set your child up for success for the rest of their academic career.