LIPP is a private preschool that offers high-quality immersion education to children from 18 months to five years old. Our French language curriculum is taught completely in French. Pre- kindergarten classes will have a portion of the day taught in English to help the students assimilate into mainstream public schools.

Students do not need to know French in order to enroll at LIPP. Families come from all walks of life and from different parts of the world. We welcome all. Whether you choose Spanish or French, LIPP will provide a nurturing, academic, and culturally sensitive environment for each student. We aim to help your children become multilingual, global citizens who will embrace what the world has to offer.

Why French Immersion?

French immersion is a form of education in which a child receives academic instruction entirely in French. In our private immersion school, students will be taught academics and learn to converse in French, gaining fluency quickly and easily.

Why learn French?

  • French is spoken all around the world and has reached tremendous heights in Canada.
  • 750 million people will speak French by 2050.
  • Knowing French will give students a great advantage in the marketplace, in terms of employment and investment.
  • French is one of the official working languages of government entities and other large organizations such as NATO and the European Union.
  • Learning French or any other language has shown to increase test scores, stimulate different parts of the brain, and make other language acquisitions easier.
  • Learning another language also includes being aware of other cultures, which means developing empathy and tolerance for others.

Give your child a head start in their academic career and enroll them at the Language Immersion Private Preschool today! If you’re interested in seeing what we offer, attend a class to experience our immersion program firsthand.