At LIPP, we strongly believe that immersive education is the best way to teach young children a foreign language, thus preparing them for academic success. Our experienced teachers provide the best instruction in Houston, teaching a core curriculum in a target foreign language to hone language skills at an early age. Below are some answers to your frequently asked questions.

Won’t a different language confuse my child?

Young minds are remarkably adaptable and learning in a language other than the one spoken at home can actually stimulate your child’s brain, rather than causing confusion. Our teachers help ease this transition. Parents are often amazed at the speed with which their children began to speak in their immersion language, and a bonus is often increased proficiency in English as well.

Shouldn’t they wait until middle or high school to start a foreign language program?

The human brain is most receptive to foreign language acquisition at an early age. Young children are often able to learn the concept in both languages with ease. From birth to about six years of age, there is no translating. Instead children simply recognize an item or concept in both languages. Preschool is a time of intuitive learning!

Will they struggle with English outside of the classroom?

No. Most children make the transition from using their chosen language at school to using English at home with no difficulty. Your child will interact with you in whatever language you’re speaking. While they may occasionally use the wrong language to describe an item, it’s no different than you forgetting a word mid-sentence. For parents who may express concerns about growing their child’s English vocabulary, consider reading new stories to them, or teaching them a new English word each week. Learning doesn’t have to stop outside of the classroom!

Immersive education is a wonderful way to help your child learn a foreign language at an early age. Come see why LIPP has been recognized as a Top Rated Local® Language Immersion Preschool in Houston, with two conveniently-located campuses. Enroll your preschooler today!