• Introduce the toddlers to the group learning environment by learning to work cooperatively.
• Development of gross and fine motor skills.
• Develop an understanding of their body in movement.
• Experientially learn the dance movements and skills.
• Development of improvisation and expression through movement.
• Develop a sense of self-confidence through repetition of the dance movements and the development of improvisation and expression.

• Exercise: Latin dance with the use of fast and slow movements as well as control over those body movements provides a great workout.
• Development of Gross and Fine Motor Skills: Children will learn better coordination and a better sense of controlling their own movements of their body.
• Rhythm: Through the learning of Latin dance children will learn more of the complexities of the music which can help form an appreciation for all forms of music.
• Creativity: Through improvisation and expression in dance, children must learn to problem-solve and be more independent thinkers. They will also learn the benefits of self-control, self-discipline, and persistence/determination through their creativeness with Latin dance.
• Social Interactions: Through Latin dance, children will learn when to lead and when to follow which will guide them to be better communicators and citizens of the world. They will also learn to promote other dancers as well as take time to shine on their own which will assist them in being positive and balanced members of our community.

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