Living in Houston has made learning Spanish more crucial than ever. We live in a melting pot of cultures where knowing another language is necessary. Our curious young children deserve the opportunity to empower themselves through academic achievement and language immersion.

At LIPP, we provide this academic empowerment through our Spanish language immersion program. There is no better way to learn Spanish, or any other foreign language, than immersion study. By using Spanish exclusively in the classroom, students will pick up the language much faster than traditional teaching methods allow. LIPP facilitates and embodies creativity, innovation and continuous improvement with every student.

Noam Chomsky, a professor of linguistics at MIT and a recipient of the Kyoto Prize and the Helmholtz Medal, suggests that young children have a naturally rich capacity to learn languages and can acquire four to five languages simultaneously and not be aware that they are speaking them. At Language Immersion Private Preschool, we believe in providing students the opportunity to learn a new language as naturally and quickly as possible.

Why Spanish Immersion:

  • We live in Houston. Fortunately, living in Houston provides students ways to practice their Spanish daily. From ordering food at local eateries to watching Spanish movies, or going to the park, Spanish is all around us. You don’t have to go to Spain or Costa Rica to immerse your child in Spanish because LIPP provides it right here in Houston.
  • Over 400 million people in twenty-one countries, speak Spanish worldwide.
  • It is the third most spoken language in the world.
  • By the year, 2050, there will be 530 million Spanish speakers, of which 100 million will be living in the United States.
  • Houston’s proximity to Mexico has created a new education trend which includes languages in early childhood education.
  • Houston is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the Unites States, with an increasing need for Spanish language proficiency.

Parents do not have to be of Spanish or French origin to enroll their children at LIPP. We will help your child capitalize on strengths and commit to excellence while learning a valuable foreign language in a Top Rated Local® preschool in Houston.

Spanish Immersion Curriculum