LIPP uses a highly comprehensive and research- based curriculum in which one skill develops on another. The Curriculum follows the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) guideline that the Independent School Districts follows. The Curriculum targets the students’ academic, social and cognitive development performance by using different strategies such as grouping, integrated learning, scaffolding, second language acquisition and strategies for brain development.

Our daily instruction incorporates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in the classroom as a part of every subject. For example, if the student is working on an art project, our teachers will incorporate aspects of science in the learning by having the students mix two colors of paint to see what is created and how the colors change to form a new color. Another simple example is while working with food colors and milk. What happens when a drop of Dawn soap is mixed with food color immersed in milk? When the molecules of the soap come into contact with food color in the milk, what chemical reaction occurs? Students will be engaged in amazing science while working with paint!

The Curriculum follows the Domains set out by the District that all Certified teachers must follow. The Domains are written to keep in mind the milestones children must reach by certain ages, and the same time being aware of the differences between children of all ages. The content and research based practices target literacy, supports multicultural aspects and is culturally sensitive.

Because we are an Immersion School, our Curriculum incorporates research in second language acquisition. This means the Curriculum focuses on:

  • How to approach phonemes
  • How to have phonological awareness
  • How to be culturally sensitive
  • How to naturally approach the language
  • How to pronounce words and use them in context
  • It uses full color photographs to grasp the visual learners
  • It incorporates strategies for small group instruction as well as large group and learning centers

LIPP’s fully comprehensive Curriculum is broken into Thematic Units, where every month a different theme will be introduced. Each week is then broken up into further units that will connect towards the end of the month. Our native Spanish-speaking teachers use innovative approaches to ensure long-term memory retention and vocabulary retention while improving the child’s writing skills and listening comprehension.

LIPP encourages parents to help extend this learning at home with their children. Many ways to extend the learning in fun ways is to:

  • Convert all the movies the child watches to the target language
  • If possible, convert TV shows to the target language
  • Purchase CDs and DVD’s in the target language
  • Visit the local library for fun learning DVDs in the target language
  • Check out books in the target language
  • Pick vacation spots where the locals speak the language
  • Visit the local embassy for a slew of information