Dear Parents,

¡Bienvenidos!, Bienvenus!, 欢迎, Welcome!

Have you ever thought about how you learned to speak or communicate with family and friends? Chances are no one ever really taught you. You simply picked it up through everyday conversation, starting from birth. Here at Language Immersion Private Preschools, we will immerse your child in a whole new world of academics in a different language. Students will be taught the academics of preschool, all while absorbing Spanish, French or Mandarin simultaneously. Through daily hands-on activities, continuous conversation, academics, music and books, children will not only become Kindergarten-ready, but will be speaking (a) different language(s) too! This symbiotic relationship between scholastics and language early in life gives children an opportunity to experience both learning and language acquisition in a natural way – the way it is meant to be!

Our mantra at Language Immersion Private Preschool is to create lifelong Spanish, French and Mandarin speakers through a nurturing environment and solid academics. It is a studied fact that the formative years of a child are vital for development. Our vision is to take advantage of these formative years while children’s neurotransmitters are still so pliant, and to stimulate them to their fullest potential in an environment of loving and learning.

During this astounding growth during the first 6 years of life, we will be instrumental in developing your child’s sense of being. We are passionately dedicated to helping your child succeed intellectually, culturally and linguistically.

We welcome you to visit our schools to watch your child flourish.

Very truly yours, Sinceramente, Cordialement,

Language Immersion Private Preschool